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Hemorrhoid is regarded as the most common medical condition that is clinically characterized by painless rectal bleeding during defecation. Generally, the hemorrhoid is of two types, internal hemorrhoids, and external hemorrhoids. External hemorrhoid usually requires no specific treatment unless it becomes acutely thrombosed or causes discomfort to patients. Meanwhile, low-graded internal hemorrhoids can be treated with medication or non-operative measures but high-graded internal hemorrhoids are generally treated with surgery. Hemorrhoid is a common problem that may affect men and women of any age. This problem is mainly caused due to high pressure in the veins and results in constipation, and excessive straining during bowel movement. Lifestyle factors are the main reason behind this problem, as people with a sedentary lifestyle with minimal physical activity are more prone to this problem. Habits of eating junk food and drinking less water are also major contributors to hemorrhoids.  Hemorrhoids affect the anal area causing pain and discomfort. Thus, all those individuals who are suffering from hemorrhoids should seek treatment at a reputable hospital like Atharva Hospital, where they will have access to expert care and advanced medical interventions. Seeking hemorrhoid treatment at the Atharva Hospital having a multidisciplinary approach offers comprehensive care and lasting relief to patients.

Accurate Diagnosis by Specialists of Leading Hospital

Atharva Hospital is one of the leading healthcare centers in Pune offering treatment for many health conditions, including piles. The hospital is served by a team of the most experienced medical professionals and specialists who are proficient in treating hemorrhoid patients. Our specialist medical team is highly skilled and trained to ensure quality care and successful recovery. Visiting a top-tier hospital like Atharva provides access to experienced gastroenterologists and colorectal specialists who can accurately diagnose the severity and type of hemorrhoids. A thorough evaluation ensures a tailored treatment plan, addressing individual needs.

Advanced Diagnostic Technology

Atharva is a leading hospital that employs state-of-the-art diagnostic technologies, such as endoscopy and imaging, to accurately assess hemorrhoid size and location. Precise diagnostics guide treatment decisions, enhancing effectiveness.

Personalized Treatment Plans

Atharva, the best hospitals offer individualized treatment plans based on the patient’s medical history, symptoms, and preferences. Patients get different treatment options including minimally invasive procedures, dietary modifications, medications, and surgical interventions. In minimally invasive procedures, the hospital provides a range of minimally invasive procedures, including rubber band ligation, sclerotherapy, and infrared coagulation. These treatment techniques reduce pain have shorter recovery times, and deliver excellent outcomes. In cases of severe hemorrhoids, the hospital has skilled surgeons who are capable of performing advanced surgical procedures. The director of this hospital has extensive experience with different types of piles treatment and has come out with a no-cut, no-wound, and no-surgery treatment for piles. The hospital treats severe hemorrhoids by Biological Electrical Impedance Auto-measurement technology in which no bleeding occurs and no stitching is required. This technique is conducted with precision to ensure the best possible results for patients.

Post-Treatment Care and Follow-Up

Atharva, a reputable hospital emphasizes post-treatment care and follow-up appointments to monitor progress and address any concerns. Patients receive guidance on dietary adjustments, hygiene practices, and lifestyle changes. The hemorrhoid treatment carried out at this hospital prioritizes patient comfort, offering effective pain management strategies to minimize discomfort during recovery. The expert medical staff ensures that patients are well-informed and at ease throughout their treatment journey. The top hospital recognizes that addressing hemorrhoids goes beyond medical interventions. They emphasize a holistic approach that includes dietary counseling, stress management, and lifestyle recommendations. Choosing the best hospital for hemorrhoid treatment offers patients a comprehensive and integrated approach to care. With expert specialists, advanced diagnostics, tailored treatment plans, and state-of-the-art procedures, patients can experience relief from discomfort and regain their quality of life. If you’re seeking effective and lasting relief from hemorrhoids, entrusting your care to a leading hospital is an investment in your health and well-being.

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